During the year 2010 I have concentrated my artistic work on collages and fusions between photography and text. They can be seen as a kind of a synthesis between my former profession as a journalist and the latter as a visual artist (since 1990).

Living in Berlin, all works with text are composed in the German language.

The principal work represents the “Central Park” of Berlin, the so-called “Tiergarten”  during its four seasons in 2010. Every collage contains 32 fotos mostly with trees. It has been created after a poetic dictum, inspired by German romantic writer Novalis: not only people can hear, also animals can hear as well as trees and plants. As Berlin is composed of a multicultural society in which dozens of languages are spoken, you will find in every collage the notion of the four seasons “spring”, “summer”, “autumn” and “winter” in 32 different languages – assuming that all that folk wandering through the “Tiergarten” will use these words in their proper language.

Other collages are composed with political (“Sie gehören alle zu uns”) , linguistic (the definition of a “staircase” by Wikipedia), economic (“speculation”) content. The newest works (automn 2010) contain two words linked with a foto-print. All those words, already individually, are special combinations that are typical in the German grammar, but sometimes also grotesque, inviting to satirical interpretation by addition and juxtaposition. All words have been used in articles of an important daily newspaper in Berlin during fall.

Most of these works have been presented in the so-called “Kreativfabrik” in Berlin at the end of November 2010. Contact: hjmberlin@googlemail.com.